I invite athletes to join the mission of trihelping. Contact jim@trihelping.org to learn how you, too, can raise funds for your favorite nonprofit.                   

Why the Ironman competition? 

The journey to train and compete in the Ironman has been rewarding to me in so many levels.  I am motivated by the ability to place mind over matter.  Although I am running the race, I do it with the support and sacrifices of my family, friends, and fellow athletes who are doing what they can to support me in achieving this goal. My  next competition is on Oct. 22 in Wilmington, North Caroloina.  Please visit www.ironman.com for more information about this exciting next adventure. 

Why did I start trihelping?

My training is focused on healthy eating, building the necessary physical strength and endurance to compete, and most importantly, focused on my mental training.  I have to prepare my mind for one of the most difficult emotional and psychological battles so that I'll cope during the physical challenges of the competition.  I am ready to take this journey to the next challenge - raising money for a cause that I care about passionately.  In some ways, the race is easier than fundraising.  Fundraising means that I am asking my dear family and friends, who have already supported me greatly, to join me in a vision of how we can give back to the community and inspire others to take similar steps to overcome barriers in their lives.   


Many have said to me that they wish they could join me in the journey across the finish line.  I might be running the race but others can join me in the journey by contributing to a cause that will help many others achieve their highest potential.

-Jim Assenmacher, founder

The Athlete - Jim Assenmacher