Triathletes come from all over the world to participate in the Ironman competition. Most athletes are touched by something bigger that motivates them to race. This competition is about placing mind over matter - the mental challenge of the race and requires athletes who come from various backgrounds, economic and social status to create balance in one's life.  It's not always easy to respond to the needs of work, family, health and faith. The Ironman competition is about finding that balance and allowing faith to guide you in the journey. trihelping is about carrying forward that learning to bring visibility to those programs that support and motivate individuals and communities to live and be healthy.  To set apart social programs that go above and beyond, and most importantly that make hope for a healthier tomorrow - a reality.


trihelping is a way for athletes to give back to the community and inspire others to take similar mental and physical challenges in their lives.  It's a way for others to join and inspire others to live to one's fullest potential and have balance in one's life.




The vision for trihelping is to create a sustainable way to carry forward an athlete's journey, to bring visibility to the issues facing individuals and their families, and to provide a way to inspire others to fulfill their dreams and live to their fullest capacity.